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this is the first step towards achieving the reena act of inclusion. I prepared myself to join the community portal and play vital role in order to support my neighborhoods.

The following agenda goals have been set by me.

  • Deliver food and other necessities of life.
  • Help them in any manner where required.
  • Make arrangements for their education, health, and entertainment.

There are so many areas where I can contribute with the help of support of organizations and other team members.  


Nothing with any organization


Will gather all the stakeholder within my premises.


Seem good enough so far


Needy families, infants, poor and deserving people.

  • Category: Accessibility
  • Location: Canada / Ontario / Toronto Postal Code:
  • Organization: ANDZ Consultants Private Sector
  • Visits: 201
  • Updated: 3 months ago
  • Overall Progress - 100% | Activities - 4 | Completed - 4 View Detail
# Activity Start Date End Date Status
1 Arrange meeting with community March-24, 2023 September-29, 2023 Completed
2 Social gathering in my society May-15, 2023 May-31, 2023 Completed
3 Developed playgrounds May-31, 2023 June-30, 2023 Completed
4 Imprived road January-01, 2023 July-20, 2023 Completed

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Trainers guidance

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