Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions for "Acts of Inclusion"
  • User eligibility: Age restrictions and other requirements for users to access and participate. No age restriction.
  • Account creation: Guidelines for creating accounts and handling login credentials. Accounts are mandatory (email and username) Users can manage their credentials and can reset password automatic call.
  • Rules of conduct: Define what behavior is acceptable within the game and what actions may result in penalties or bans. Use appropriate language: respectful and no foul language.
  • Intellectual property: Clarify ownership of game content and how players can use it. "Acts of Inclusion" is a proprietary Reena initiative and participants must comply with the set rules.
  • User-generated content: Specify rules for user-generated content and any rights you may have to it. Any user-generated content could be made public and is not owned by Reena.
  • Payment and refunds: If your game has in-app purchases or subscriptions, explain the payment process and refund policies. N/A
  • Dispute resolution: Outline how disputes will be handled, whether through arbitration or in court. Disputes will be handled in Ontario courts
  • Termination: Explain the conditions under which you can terminate a user's access to the game. Access will be denied for any aggressive or discriminatory language.
  • Limitation of liability: Disclaim your liability for certain issues that may arise while using the game.
  • Data privacy: Detail how user data is collected, stored, and used. All personal information will be kept private. Reena would not sell its database to any third-party agency.