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Nurturing Potential, Fostering Opportunities: Championing Inclusive Employment for People with Diverse Abilities


Bridging the gap, creating equal opportunities: empowering individuals with developmental disabilities to thrive in the workforce.

Start Now!

Acts of Inclusion are your way to promoting a more just and inclusive society. One action at a time.

In order to take the first Act of Inclusion, here are several examples to consider...

Job Placement Support

Offers personalized job placement

Assistance to connect individuals with suitable employment opportunities. For instance, Mark, who has autism, was matched with a supportive employer who recognized his exceptional attention to detail, and he now thrives as a quality control specialist.



Skill Development Programs

Provide specialized training and skill development programs

Tailored to the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. For instance, Maria, who has developmental disabilities, received training in customer service and communication skills, enabling her to secure a job as a receptionist in a bustling office



Employer Partnerships

Collaborate with forward-thinking

Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion through these partnerships, help organizations create inclusive workplaces by providing disability awareness training and facilitating workplace adjustments.



Workplace Mentorship

Facilitate workplace mentorship programs

Where experienced professionals provide guidance and support to individuals with developmental disabilities. For instance, Sarah, who has a developmental disability, was paired with a mentor who helped her navigate her new role in a marketing firm. The mentor provided valuable insights, encouraged her professional growth, and helped her build confidence in her abilities.

This mentorship program not only empowered Sarah to excel in her career but also fostered a culture of inclusion and support within the organization.


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