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Building Bridges to Belonging through Authentic Connections

Social Connection

Foster a sense of belonging and forge authentic connections with someone living with a disability.

Start Now!

Acts of Inclusion are your way to promoting a more just and inclusive society. One action at a time.

In order to take the first Act of Inclusion, here are several examples to consider...

Buddy Programs

Facilitating partnerships between individuals with developmental disabilities to engage in activities

Activities like going to movies, sports events, or simply spending time together, nurturing friendship and understanding.


Social Connection

Organizing social gatherings

Encouraging you to host inclusive events

Events, community picnics, game nights, cultural celebrations, and many more, where people of all abilities and backgrounds can come together to foster connections.


Social Connection

Support Groups

Providing a space for individuals with disabilities and their allies to connect

Sharing experiences, and offering support to one another, creates a network of empathy and encouragement.


Social Connection

Volunteering Opportunities

Collaborating with local organizations

Work with developmental disabilities to offer volunteering opportunities allowing you to contribute your time and skills while fostering relationships with both individuals and the wider community.


Social Connection

Interactive Workshops and Trainings

Offering educational sessions, sensitivity training, and workshops

Aimed at promoting awareness, understanding, and acceptance of developmental disabilities, ensuring that the connections formed are rooted in empathy and knowledge.


Social Connection

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